What is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative law is a relatively new concept within family law that provides a unique settlement process alternative to expensive, time-consuming litigation.  Collaborative law works outside of the traditional courtroom, but within our legal system in an effort to settle the issues and disputes of divorce without the trauma of courtroom hearings. It does not rely on court-imposed resolutions but instead permits parties to negotiate in an atmosphere of honesty, cooperation, integrity, and professionalism geared toward the future well-being of the parties.

In Collaborative law, specially trained attorneys, neutral financial advisers and neutral communication/counseling experts help divorcing couples to work with one another to dissolve their marriage in an atmosphere of dignity and respect. Rather than looking towards the courtroom for solutions, Collaborative attorneys, neutral professionals and their clients gather on a series of meeting to settle the case in a calm, private and non-threatening environment.

The members of the Collaborative Lawyers of Arlington and Mansfield strongly believe that Collaborative Law offers innumerable benefits to you, your spouse, and your children. We encourage you to follow these links to learn more about the collaborative process.